427 South Main Street
Mechanicville, NY 12118
Phone: 518.664.5333

    History Of Post 91


    Post 91 was charted on July 10, 1921.  It was named after Lt. Fred H. Clark, a US Army Cavalry Officer who served during WWI.  We are one of the oldest Posts having received it's charter only a little over 2 years after the National American Legion Organization was founded in 1919.   The original Post Home was located near intersection of Park and Central Avenues in Mechanicville, NY were CVS Pharmacy is how located.  In the mid 1980's there was a fire and the original Post Home and most of the contents were destroyed.  It then purchased the building and property at 427 South Main Street, Mechanicville, NY.  During the years we've made many improvements.  The lounge was moved from the front of the building to the back. A new banquet room replaced the old lounge.  A pavilion complex was built in back of the building.  We replaced our old roof with a new metal one and upgraded the pluming.  Both mens and ladies rooms were also upgraded and we added an additional mens and ladies room to give both the lounge and banquet rooms a set.  To round out our Legion Family our Auxiliary received it's charted in February of 1927 and the Sons received it's charter in October of 1936.


    Lt. Fred H. Clark

    Mechanicville City Native Frederick H. Clark was a dashing 20th century man.  In 1915 the violin-playing Third Avenue residend enlisted in Troop "G" of the Cavalry Regiment, which pursued Francisco "Poncho" Villa into Northern Mexico.  Impressed with his character and demeanor, Army Officials promoted him to 1st Lieutenant at the age of 21, just months before America's entry into World war I.  But while stationed at Fort Sam Houston, Texas perparing for action, he was stricken with typhoid fever.  On September 7, 1917, the cavalryman became the 1st soldier, perhads the only Saratoga County Officer to die during World war I.