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American Legion - July 1921

American Legion Auxilary - February 1927

Sons of The American Legion - October 1936


Post Monthly Meetings

American Legion - First Monday of the Month @ 6:00pm

American Legion Auxilary - Second Tuesday of the Month @ 7:00pm

Sons of The American Legion - Second Wednesday of the Month @ 6:00pm


Post Business Hours

Sunday - 11:00am till 10:00pm

Monday - 10:00am till 8:00pm

Tuesday - 10:00am till 8:00pm

Wednesday - 10:00am till 8:00pm

Thursday - 10:00am till 11:00pm

Friday - 10:00am till 11:00pm

Saturday - 9:00am till 11:00pm


Post Rental Information

Rental Agreement must be approved by Banquet Manager

Call Post for additional information  518.664.5333