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                  THE EXPRESS - August 10th, 2007

Miss Brandee Silloway relates her Wonderful Girls State Experience

Brandee is currently a Junior at Stillwater High School.  She is the daughter of Misty Ann Price and the grand-daughter of long time Post 490 member Donald Price and his beloved late wife Elizabeth Ann.
Brandee with Grandpa Don and new found best friend Sara Shimmel

Brandee (Front Row - 3rd from Left) with her County Class & Advisor

The American Legion Auxiliary Girls State Program has provided High School Juniors all across the country the opportunity to participate in a hands-on citizenship training program for over 60 years. These young ladies learn government by actually creating a mythical state through the election of public officials on local, county, and state levels and then by carrying out the duties of these respective offices.

 “I went into Girls State knowing nothing about government and the way it works, now that I attended Girls State I have a greater knowledgd as to what happens in politics. During my stay there, I attended party caucuses, learned the process of  the passing and failing of bill, and also, electing of  important positions such as governor and Lieutenant Governor.”

       Brandee joined three hundred and sixty other high school juniors at SUNY Brockport this past June.  “When I arrived at Empire Girls State I was very nervous being away from home for the first time.   I was worried about fitting in with all of those other girls, but as the week went by I realized that most of the girls were similar to me.  When we were leaving, three of my new friends helped me with my luggage and at that point we all started crying.  I realized how strong of a bond I made with these girls in such a short period of time.  I am very thankful being picked by American Legion Post 490 to attend.  It was a great experience and it got me a little more prepared for what college life will be like.

THE EXPRESS - February 27, 2007

Pictured above is Joe Merluzzo, and his grandson, L/Corporal Loren Merluzzo, both members of Post 490.  The younger Merluzzo is home on leave after spending seven months in Iraq.

While most soldiers on leave would likely spend all their deserved free time with friends, this impressive young soldier spent many hours helping Post 490 send out packages to soldiers and Marines left behind.  These are true heroes, those that help their comrads in every way.

In a short time, Loren will be in South Carolina for Squad Leaders training.  After that he heads to the Mohave Desert then on to Iraq.

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